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I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THE PLURK AND IM AND PHONE-CALLED BIRTHDAY WISHES. I would ... name you all individually and suck your dicks but I already feel nauseous and dick sucking doesn't help that. AND THANK YOU HAL FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF PAID TIME ;_; I'M STILL SNIFFLING LIKE AN UKEBITCH BC IT TOUCHED MY SOUL.

I'm still ... vaguely considering doing the TV meme. But I don't know if I want to ruin my f-list's lives with one more. So, maybe I'll wait until July 1 to start it and then most everyone else will be done. Ummm what else.

OMG my mommy got me red velvet cheesecake for my birthday cake ;_; it's beautiful. I'm so excited. We were supposed to go out for dinner but again, nausea, so ... that probably won't be happening. OH WELL.

And Ruthi has been humoring me and watching Vmars with me and I'm finally ... invested in season 2. Which I wasn't at first bc I was annoyed by Duncan's life, but now he's endeared himself to me. It only took ... 10 episodes. Rofl. Duncan/Veronica/Logan is ... the best thing of my life.

Lessee what else ... OOOH. I got into Damned with Bela Talbot. :3 I'm excited, even though I am swamped by RP commitment as it is. Shhh. And I'm considering a third character (see icon) come August but idk. We'll see. It'll just be a vaginafest in my castlist but whatever. It'll balance out Court's nine million dudes.

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I guess it's time to ... admit I exist still. It's been ... three months. That sounds about right. BUT A LOT OF NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

I guess I ... got an A in my writing class and a B in Japanese 102 and that's ... my life right now. ROAD TRIP IN LIKE FIVE DAYS WHOOOO. This is the most retarded entry ever IDK why I'm even posting. :C I just feel like I should write things here more often.

Oh, I know. I might ... make an icon post someday soon. I've made a lot. Andddd I'm looking for TV show recommendations because Glee can't sustain my life for the summer. Oh, and I think I'm going to transition to ... partially friends only. Because I'm lazy and I have a lot of people who aren't added who I want to ... send shit to. And ... people who are as lazy as me and don't like to log out of RP journals.

So basically unless I'm being Regina George (read: once in a blue moon when I'm not being Regina George) I'll make my entries public? That sounds like an awesome plan.

I sound high as shit in this whole entry but I'm not deleting it.

but basically this entry is mostly to say ... HI GUYS, HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?
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You post a "Top Five" topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section (please relate it to a character/canon, like you know, "Five tattoos Serena would get" or "Five reasons Bill recycles"). Then, in comments, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun! Then you post this offer in your own journal.

I left the samples the same, stfu. You should know who I play by now. If you don't... here. Active only again, prz.


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what about breakfast at tiffany's?

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