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So, I've been doing a lot of research tonight about a topic that has seriously offended me that I just learned about. And now I'm going to pass on all of the information I found to you, my lovely f-list.

This is an awareness post. For those of you (in the U.S.) who don't know, the Department of Homeland Security's head, Janet Napolitano, has placed into effect new security measures at airport security. These measures include a "scanning procedure" which includes a machine with harmful x-rays that are focused on just your skin layer, which has not been sufficiently tested to be proven safe for your health, and which has been lied about and advertised as healthy based on the wave concentration if the xrays were going through your whole body instead of just backscattering off your skin. This machine is intended to see through your clothes, take a picture of you naked, and insure that you are not carrying weapons onto the plane with you.

You are, of course, permitted to opt out of this if you're uncomfortable with the machine itself or with the idea of having a naked picture of yourself taken. Go figure. The alternative is an aggressive and invasive pat-down procedure that involves the TSA personnel -- the TSA, of course, being an association that is known to hire convicted felons and sex offenders -- palming your private areas including the groin and breasts of women and the groin of men. They are permitted to use their fingers and allegedly go over your groin area three times. They are permitted to go so far as to touch your labia -- through your clothes, of course -- and grab your breasts.

Well, gee, you might be thinking. If I got this far in airport security and decided I didn't want either, I'd just turn around and decide not to take my flight. You can't. Once you have gotten into the security procedure, you must complete it, regardless of whether you make the decision to no longer take your flight. One man tried and he was escorted off the premises and was slapped with a %10,000 fine.

These selections are entirely random, supposedly, but will be happening with increasing frequency and potentially come to include every customer of U.S. airlines -- whether they already cover every customer of a U.S. airline yet, I'm not entirely certain, because I couldn't find anything conclusive about it in any of the articles I read and I haven't gone flying since last Christmas. If you've been flying recently and have experienced this or know, lemme know?

Beneath the cut I've placed a plethora of informational links and videos that are where I mostly drew my information from. Videos are from both major news networks (CNN and Fox) for optimum partisan impartiality. It should be noted that this was never voted on. In fact, Napolitano was never voted into office -- Obama placed her there. So, someone we never voted into office felt the need to put into effect a major change in airport security that invades not only our implied right to privacy and inhibits our basic civil liberties, but directly violates the fourth amendment (protection against unreasonable search and seizure) and basic constitutional rights.

Why were these preemptive measures put into place? Napolitano says it's because of a failed terrorist attack from last Christmas that involved a man tucking a bomb into his underwear. First of all, the attack was a failure which means our current measures were apparently enough to put a stop to it. So why ramp them up? Not only that, but there's no conclusive evidence that these new x-ray machines would be able to pick up the bomb material that the man had apparently sewn into his underwear.

Anyone with holiday travel plans: I encourage you to, if at all possible, drive over flying. And if you fly, please make the choice to opt out of the scanning machine. For your own health, if nothing else. The more rigorous pat-downs take more time and will cause some serious back up at the airports, and hopefully encourage them to realize that these scanning machines are not okay.

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Basically I just really encourage all of you to look into this for yourselves. :( I personally became really upset when I read about it and I've become very actively trying to get people aware of it in hopes that some of the groups trying to organize a no-fly day on November 24th will succeed in knocking some sense into our crazy DHS, since it's usually the busiest day of travel. Here is one such site. The Fox news video includes information on another. Basically just ... please, please look into it, and don't let it happen to you.
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Workout Guide

At popular request aka after being asked by over nine thousand people on separate occasions for advice, here is a guide with some helpful tips on how to get the most of your workouts! I know a lot of people have the drive to take the steps to get in shape but simply don't know how, so this is my hope to ... help. This is not friends locked because if you feel the need to share it you can go ahead and do so. Remember, I'm by no means a personal trainer, this is just stuff I've collected from a.) my extensive years of experience in ROTC and my own working out, b.) my personal trainer.

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my personal trainer is the son of the woman that my dad was having his affair with. the nephew of his dead bff. oh my god screams why is tucson such a fucking small town for having 1.5 million people in it????

i will never be the same my life is so awkward now oh my god.
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I guess it's time to ... admit I exist still. It's been ... three months. That sounds about right. BUT A LOT OF NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

I guess I ... got an A in my writing class and a B in Japanese 102 and that's ... my life right now. ROAD TRIP IN LIKE FIVE DAYS WHOOOO. This is the most retarded entry ever IDK why I'm even posting. :C I just feel like I should write things here more often.

Oh, I know. I might ... make an icon post someday soon. I've made a lot. Andddd I'm looking for TV show recommendations because Glee can't sustain my life for the summer. Oh, and I think I'm going to transition to ... partially friends only. Because I'm lazy and I have a lot of people who aren't added who I want to ... send shit to. And ... people who are as lazy as me and don't like to log out of RP journals.

So basically unless I'm being Regina George (read: once in a blue moon when I'm not being Regina George) I'll make my entries public? That sounds like an awesome plan.

I sound high as shit in this whole entry but I'm not deleting it.

but basically this entry is mostly to say ... HI GUYS, HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?


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