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This a comprehensive timeline of Heroes canon from six months prior to canon all the way up through the start of volume five, at which point the timeline becomes pretty obvious. The things I spent my time on. /sigh.

April 2006 = Six Months Ago
➥ Chandra tracks down Gabriel, Gabriel kills Brian Davis, acquires telekinesis and tries to kill himself in guilt. Elle saves his life and leads Trevor Zeitlan straight to him. Gabriel continues to allow Chandra to lead him to people with abilities, "working" with him to help his research.
➥ Eden joins the Company after nearly being arrested by Matt Parkman.
➥ Peter graduates from nursing school and listens to Lily Allen.
➥ Claire becomes a cheerleader and her father discovers her ability.
September 2006 = One Month Ago
➥ 09/06 - Elle is assigned to spy on Claire at school. (continues until 10/03).
➥ Claire starts her junior year at Union Wells.
➥ Meredith becomes an agent.
➥ Sylar murders Chandra Suresh after Suresh helps him acquire more abilities.
October 2006 = Genesis
➥ 10/01 - Claire runs into a fire, Peter jumps off a building, Angela is arrested for shoplifting socks.
➥ 10/09 - Sylar reaches Midland, TX on his way to get Claire and saves Charlie. Hiro Nakamura tells him that is going to die alone.
➥ 10/10 - Claire is attacked at Homecoming on the 10th, Sylar escapes, Peter is arrested.
➥ 10/11 - On the 11th, the Haitian removes everyone's memories of Homecoming. Matt interrogates Peter, Claire and Noah. Peter goes into a coma upon his release. Eden shoots herself to keep Sylar from getting persuasion.
➥ 10/25 - the FBI search Primatech on Matt's behest. Peter comes out of his coma.
➥ 10/29 - Sylar breaks out of his Primatech cell. Meaning he spent roughly three weeks in it on amphetamines dying and being revived. Claire contacts her biological mother with help from Zach and the Haitian.
➥ 10/30 - Claude starts training Peter. Sylar raids the Bennet house pretending to work with Primatech. Claire meets Meredith.
➥ 10/31 - Claire busts the windows out Nathan's car. Sylar goes to Zane Taylor's house, kills him, impersonates him, and bffs with Mohinder. They road trip to super hearingchans house. At night, he kills her and steals her ability, too. Sandra agrees to see a neurologist due to her memory loss.
November 2006 = How to Stop an Exploding Man/Four Months Ago
➥ 11/01 - Mohinder finds out that Sylar has killed superhearingchans and they roadtrip home.
➥ 11/03 - NO MORE SIMONE!!! Mohinder locks Sylar up in his house and feeds him date rape chai. The Haitian erases Noah's memory and runs away with Claire to get married in Vegas. She ditches him for New York and shows up at Peter's apartment, but he's not there. Nathan wears a wire and gets busted by Linderman, then hears the plan to blow up New York from him and it sounds pretty cool. Peter tells Nathan he got Simone killed, then goes to Mohinder's and fights Sylar and loses. He dies. Mohinder brings Peter to his apartment and Angela and Nathan cry a lot. Claire is the only non-stupid bitch and sassy gay friends the glass shard out of Peter's head. Nathan tells her he wants to acknowledge her but can't bc of the election.
➥ 11/04 - Angela tries to send Claire to Paris. Nathan sends some of his campaign team to Florida to avoid the explosion.
➥ 11/05 - Sylar kills Isaac Mendez.
➥ 11/06 - Claire and Peter discuss Ted. Angela talks to Nathan about the explosion.
➥ 11/07 - Ted, Matt, Mr. B show up in New York. Peter steals Ted's ability, but gets it under control. Sylar kills Ted and takes his ability. Nathan wins the election thanks to Micah Sanders. HRG kills Mr. Thompson. Mohinder saves Molly from getting killed by HRG and Matt.
➥ 11/08 - Matt, HRG and Mohinder help Molly and she tries to help them find Sylar in return. The painting in Isaac's loft leads them to Kirby Plaza. Hiro stabs Sylar. Peter goes nuclear. Nathan flies him into the sky. Peter survives and flies Nathan to the hospital.
➥ 11/09 - Peter commits himself into the Company's facilities, meeting Elle and Bob.
➥ around 11/20 - The Bennets move to Costa Verde, California and assume the name "Butler." Peter begins talking to Adam.
December 2006 = Three Months Ago
➥ Nathan resigns from office.
➥ Matt and Janice get a divorce.
➥ Matt and Mohinder become Molly's legal guardians.
January 2007 = Two Months Ago
➥ Angela tells Heidi that depression runs in the Petrelli family.
February 2007 = One Month Ago
➥ Peter and Adam escape the Company's facility and heal Nathan. They get to a shipping yard and try to leave. Elle chases Adam, the Haitian chases Peter. He gives Peter his helix necklace and sends him to Cork, Ireland without his memories. Adam escapes.
➥ Heidi takes Simon and Monty and leaves Nathan.
March 2007 = Four Months Later
➥ 03/11 - Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli are made aware of Adam's threats. Kaito dies. Claire meets West.
➥ 03/12 - Matt and Detective Fuller investigate Kaito's death. Molly walker has nightmares of Maury. Peter is found in Cork, Ireland by his mafiachans. Claire gets caught in a pedicure by West.
➥ 03/13 - Claire tells West the truth and he reveals he can fly. They hit the beach.
➥ 03/15 - Peter tries to get his identity back. Claire and West go on their Hollywood sign date.
➥ 03/17 - Peter and Caitlin go on a date. Bob and Mohinder kidnap Claire for her blood. Noah and West kidnap Elle to trade her. Noah gets shot by Mohinder. West and Claire get shot out of the sky by Elle. Noah is resurrected later.
➥ 03/18 - Kaito's funeral. The spreading of Noah's ashes into the ocean. Claire beats up Elle and threatens to show the world what she can do.
➥ 03/19 - Sylar kills Alejandro. That's what you get for calling his name. Then he helps Maya control her ability. Peter and Adam locate Victoria Pratt. Adam kills her. Mohinder discovers the cure to the Shanti virus, and Peter discovers its location.
➥ 3/20 - Hiro, Matt and Nathan try to stop Adam and Peter from releasing the virus. Peter stops the virus from shattering after Matt and Nathan break through to him. Hiro teleports Adam into a casket to die a thousand deaths. Sylar holds Maya, Mohinder and Molly hostage to get his abilities back, and gets scared off by Elle. He still acquires the cure and injects himself with it in the alley. Noah returns to dissuade Claire from telling the world, then tells her he has to stay with the Company.
➥ 3/21 - Nathan starts a press conference to tell the world, and Future!Peter comes back to stop him by shooting him. Future!Peter sends regular Peter into Jesse Murphy's body. Sylar breaks into the Bennet home and steals Claire's ability as well as several Primatech files to go hunt down additional abilities. Mohinder ships Molly off and examines Maya.
➥ 3/22 - Nathan miraculously heals and becomes jesuschan. Mohinder turns himself into a lizard. Claire realizes that she can't feel pain anymore. Angela tells Future!Peter about her visions and tells him that he screwed Claire over by going back in time. Good job, dick. Sylar breaks into Primatech, kills Bob and takes his power. Elle releases Noah and gets attacked by Sylar. She blows out the power on level 5 to keep herself from dying, and releases all of the inmates.
➥ 3/23 - Maya comes back to apologize and suck Mohinder's dick. Noah stops by the house to get some shit, tells Claire that Elle blew out level 5, and lets her know that Meredith's there to babysit. Tracy offers Nathan the open senator seat. At hallucinderman's behest, he accepts. Angela visits Sylar in level 5 and tells him she's his mom. She's lying. As a special midnight snack, instead of milk and cookies, she provides a woman with clairsentience; Bridget Bailey.
➥ 3/24 - Meredith waterboards Claire, Sandra gets pissed that she's trying to fill the mother shoes. Nathan is sworn in. Noah and Sylar arrive at the bank and take care of Knox, Jesse and the German. Sylar acquires sound manipulation. Peter is taken out of Jesse Murphy's body by Future!Peter and brought to the future.
➥ 3/25 - Claire goes after Steven Canfield, but they become bros. Noah and Sylar show up like the wondertwins and Claire is mortified. She almost gets sucked into a vortex, but Sylar saves her. Fuck. Steve escapes while they argue like some shitty sitcom and Claire tells them where to find him. When they get there, Noah tries to have Canfield gang Sylar and Claire is MORALLY OFFENDED like usual. Sylar tries to backseat parent her on the way home. When she arrives, she learns that Meredith ran off to find her at Doyle's. Oops. Claire and Sandra hatch a plan to go get her back that fails and Claire winds up shot, but she knocks Doyle out because she's the best agent ever. And Noah is proud but she doesn't care. Claire, Meredith and Sandra go home to find Elle in their house malfunctioning. She says she wants Noah's help, and that she wants to go to Pinehearst. That shit with Hiro, Ando, Adam and the bar with Knox and Daphne happens. It's exciting, and Adam Monroe loves appletinis. Knox brings Adam to Pinehearst where Arthur ices him. Daphne frees Sylar and Flint from the Company. Sylar releases Peter, they fight. Peter drugs Sylar and locks him up, then heads to Pinehearst where he finds his dad and gets his ability stolen. Nathan and Tracy get dateraped and cocooned by Mohinder.
➥ 3/26 - Mohinder takes Maya to Pinehearst. He removes her ability and asks Mohinder to work on a formula for him. Angela appears to Sylar in a vision and tells him he can escape from his cell. He does and runs off to Pinehearst. Claire and Elle leave for Pinehearst with a very gay plane ride. They get there in time to see Arthur throwing Peter out a window. Sylar breaks his fall so that he doesn't die in a powerless heap, and Claire gets him the hell out of there. Elle stays like a dumb bitch and gets locked up. Despite saving Peter, Sylar is swayed by Arthur's Eli Roth charms and wants to make his faux-daddy proud, so he becomes a Pinehearst agent. Nathan and Tracy head to Pinehearst.
➥ 3/27 - Sylar gets electrocuted by Elle and learns he has empathy and doesn't have to kill people. Nathan confronts his dad, then joins him, because Arthur is Hitler and can persuade anyone to join his cause. Especially when he has Tracy slutting around and persuading Nathan with her vagina.
➥ 3/28 - Arthur sends Sylar and Elle after Claire to get the catalyst because he believes it's within her, after they've trained some with electrokinesis. Noah takes Claire to a safe house and trains her to fight, but Sylelle finds them anyway and Claire gets shot diving in front of a bullet meant for Noah because the eclipse happens and all their abilities are useless. Some dumb shit happens with Matt and Daphne. Peter and Nathan crash land in Haiti and interfere with some civil war sex slave trade weird shit with the Haitian's brother, Baron Samedi. Claire dies and revives while Noah is off hunting Sylar like an animal. Elle watches Noah kill him. The eclipse ends, powers come back, and Noah and Claire come back to life. Sylar and Elle hold them all hostage in their old home but Hiro comes and saves the day. He teleports Elle and Sylar to a beach so Sylar can kill Elle, and then teleports Claire to the past so she can get the catalyst to be given to Hiro instead. Arthur comes back in time somehow, steals the catalyst from Hiro, throws him off a building, and sends Claire back.
➥ 3/29 - Arthur, Nathan, Mohinder and Tracy start testing the formula on marines. It works. Sylar takes lie detection from Sue Landers and heads to Pinehearst. Peter and the Haitian head over too. Peter shoots Arthur, Sylar stops the bullet. He asks Arthur if Arthur is his real father and upon discovering it's a lie, propels the bullet into his head. Peter and Nathan argue about the formula and shit, then it gets destroyed by Flint, Knox, etc., after Peter, Ando and Mohinder have injected themselves to get out of there before Pinehearst is destroyed. Tracy kills Knox. Concurrently, Sylar traps Angela, Noah, Meredith and Claire inside of the Primatech facility with the intention of playing Saw with them and showing Claire that he's just like him. Noah releases Echo, Eric Doyle and Danny from their cells to help kill Sylar. Sylar kills Echo, cuts off PIne's arm and overpowers Doyle, then injects Meredith with adrenaline to make her powers go crazy. Sylar captures Angela and tries to get her to confess that she's not his real mother, and Claire takes the chance to stab him in the back of the head with a piece of glass. Meredith explodes, destroying Primatech. Only Angela, Noah and Claire appear to survive.
April 2007 = Volume 4 begins
➥ Nathan discusses hunting and capturing evolved humans with the President of the United States. Nathan recruits Noah for his operation after Angela gives him his retirement from Primatech. Nathan, Noah and Danko discuss capture methods and Danko forces them into capture squads instead of "one of us, one of them." Noah concedes that Danko is the boss and that he'll listen to him. Claire is upset with Noah for going on business trips all the time, she's starting to put the pieces together. Noah, Nathan and Angela decide it's best of Claire stayed with Angela for the time being, and Angela takes her to try and visit some colleges to make a decision on an Ivy League school.
May 2007 = Building 26 starts grabbing people
➥ 05/02 - Nathan becomes the head of Homeland security.
➥ 05/16 - Sylar is attacked and kills all but one agent, he uses the Campbell family to get information out of the agent, but Luke kills him. Sylar starts his epic roadtrip with Luke. Tracy, Mohinder, Peter, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman and Claire are all abducted. Claire is given a free pass by Nathan, but sneaks aboard the plane and takes it down. It crashes in the middle of the desert and Matt, Mohinder and Hiro escape. Peter and Tracy set a trap for Nathan that ends in Tracy getting taken and Peter, Hiro, Matt and Mohinder getting away. Daphne is injured and brought to Building 26. Claire is sent home.
➥ 05/17 - Claire bitches about her hard life to her mom and breaks up her parents. Noah gets his bachelor pad. People continue to be shipped off. Nathan and Danko's operation gets extra funding courtesy of Tracy's escape attempt.
➥ 05/21 - Noah attempts to capture Alex Woolsly, but Claire, Lyle and Sandra help him escape. Noah is captured by Peter, Matt and Mohinder. They interrogate him to find out about Nathan's operation and Peter heads to Noah's storage unit. He barely escapes and heads to Danko's apartment, but flies away when Nathan shows up. Danko's men capture Mohinder, but Peter helps Matt escape. Noah and Danko settle their disagreements, Noah conspires with Angela. Matt develops precognition for no fucking reason. Peter and Matt try to rescue Daphne. Peter gets the tapes of the plane and the prisoners, Matt gets captured and wired with a bomb by Danko so he looks like a terrorist. Rebel interferes and prevents the bomb from going off. Peter releases the evidence, exposing Nathan. Sylar and Luke stop and Sylar remembers Samson Gray killing his mother and selling him, so he ditches Luke and becomes a one-man wolf pack. That night, Eric Doyle breaks into the Bennet home asking for help. Claire refuses and kicks him out.
➥ 05/22 - Claire decides to get a part time job to become Harriet Tubman and agrees to assist Doyle after all. Danko tries to uncover Nathan's secrets. Hiro and Ando acquire baby Matt Parkman. Sylar confronts Samson Gray. Agents raid the Bennet house, but Nathan, whose cover has been blown by Danko, is there to rescue her and flies her down to Mexico.
➥ 05/23 - Peter and Angela avoid agents in a church, Noah lets them slide. Danko releases Tracy so she'll lead him to Rebel, but when she finds out it's Micah she helps him escape. That night, Sylar offers to assist Danko. Danko accepts.
➥ 05/24 - Danko and Sylar go after a shapeshifter.
➥ 05/25 - Danko and Sylar go after Rebel. Upon discovering it's Micah, Sylar let's him go and shapeshifts into him so that it looks like he died and fell in the water. Claire and Nathan hustle money in Mexico from college students. They try to beat Nathan up but he flies away with Claire. Drunk off his ass. He promises to fix things and Claire believes him.
➥ 05/26 - Sylar has a shapeshifting identity crisis. Nathan admits he was lying about being able to fix things. They wind up going back together and meeting up with Angela in Coyote Sands because Nathan assures he'll do what he can. Noah, Mohinder, Peter, Nathan, Angela and Claire converge in Coyote Sands and dig for all the corpses of the specials that died there and Angela unearths all her baggage. Crazychans sockless aunt appears. Heartfelt confessions are had. Peter and Nathan begrudgingly reconcile. They have dinner in some weird diner and see Sylar on TV shapeshifted into Nathan, then leave Coyote Sands for Washington.
➥ 05/27 - They drive back to D.C. overnight and arrive midday. Claire gets there first and meets up with "Nathan." She winds up held hostage. Invisible Thread ensues.
July 2007 = end of the six week limbo between Volume 4 and 5
➥ Tracy begins to hunt down Building 26 employees.
➥ Angela tries to convince Noah to make progress with the new Company.
➥ Sylar hangs out in Matt's head.
➥ 07/08 - Sythan takes Angela out to lunch, Tracy attacks Noah Bennet.
➥ 07/16 - Mohinder discovers the film reel regarding Samuel's life. Hiro teleports him into the asylum in Florida to protect him after stealing it for Samuel.
August 2007 = Volume 5
➥ 08/15 - Claire moves into the dorms at Arlington University. Peter, with the help of Mohinder's abilities, is a paramedic again. Sylar starts exhibiting his abilities despite his Nathan persona. Noah goes with Peter to lure the speedster (Edgar) that killed Danko and recover the compass.
➥ 08/31 - Claire's roommate, Annie, commits suicide. Gretchen tries to launch an investigation. Samuel tries to sue Peter and tests the extent of his empathy. Peter and Emma meet. Sylar uses Matt's ability against him.
September 2007
➥ 09/01 - Claire throws herself out of her dorm window, Gretchen sees. Sythan remembers when Nathan killed someone in high school, confesses to her mother, gets shot and buried.
➥ 09/03 - Claire can no longer avoid Gretchen because she invites herself along to lunch with Noah. Noah threatens to erase her memory, but Claire persuades him to let her deal with it and reveals her ability to Gretchen, asking her to be her new roommate. Sythan wakes up amnesiachan in the dirt. Gets interrogated. Hiro winds up in the hospital for his tumor.
➥ 09/05 - Sylar stumbles his broke ass to the carnival and gets manipulated by Samuel. He hangs out for a while and Edgar hates him because he's fucking Lydia. Hiro helps Emma embrace her ability by being a silly moron about his. Peter searches for a healer for Hiro with Noah's help.
➥ week of 09/17 - Sorority rush week. Claire and Gretchen get locked in a meat packing plant. Peter uses his ability to help him out as a paramedic, but it takes its toll on his body. Sylar shows he can take over Matt's body.
➥ 09/24 - Tracy, losing control of her ability, goes to see Noah Bennet and instead talks to Claire. Nathan, Peter and Matt meet up and Sylar gets back into his own body, but doesn't appear to be in control.
October 2007
➥ things proceed as normal
November 2007 = 4.10 "Thanksgiving"
➥ 11/22 - Thanksgiving Day, 2007. Sylar breaks free of his Nathan persona, attempts to murder Angela and Peter -- fails, cockblocked by Nathan's consciousness. Claire begins to display willingness to show off her ability again, steals Noah's compass. Hiro travels back in time with Lydia to learn about Joseph's death.
➥ 11/23 - (The Fifth Stage) Claire takes a roadtrip with Gretchen and goes to stay with the carnival. Peter uses the Haitian's ability to hunt down Sylar and beat the Nathan out of him. Nathan's consciousness slips away forever.
➥ 11/26 - (Upon This Rock) Claire stays the weekend but returns to school on the Monday after Thanksgiving after hearing about Nathan's death.
➥ 11/30 - Nathan's wake/funeral. We know it happens during Claire's first week back at school, because Sylar immediately sets off to get revenge on Samuel at the carnival, so the only question is how long it takes him to find them.
December 2007
➥ 12/01 & 12/02 - (Let it Bleed) Peter has a hard time coping with Nathan's death and starts self destructing by heroics. Claire helps him. Sylar begins his hunt for Claire Bennet after finding her tattooed on his arm.
➥ 12/05 - (Close to You) In the days following, Peter begins to have dreams about Emma getting hurt and Sylar saving her. Hiro and Ando go to rescue Mohinder from Florida. Also, (Pass/Fail) Sylar spends a night hovering outside of Claire's window and planning. The next day, he steals Gretchen's backpack and holds Claire hostage for answers re: impotency. Meanwhile, Hiro's tumor nearly kills him and Samuel gets rejected by his girlfran.
➥ 12/06 - (The Art of Deception/The Wall) Claire tries to negotiate Samuel's surrender to Noah, but Noah drags Lauren to do it the Company way. While Claire tries to fix things with Samuel, Samuel sets Noah up and locks him in the hall of mirrors. Samuel tries to pull Claire back into the carnival, but she remains loyal to her father. They get buried underground in a trailer.
➥ 12/07 - (The Art of Deception/The Wall) Following Claire's advice, Sylar goes to seek out Matt Parkman to get rid of his abilities and gets locked in his mind for his efforts. Peter begins to seek Sylar out and winds up finding him in Matt's basement. Using Matt's power, he enters Sylar's mind and using their combined powers of gay, after spending 8 years in there together, they bust out. It's only been 12 hours real world time.
➥ 12/08 - Tracy Strauss busts Noah and Claire out of the trailer, everyone converges in New York, Claire fucks everyone over. The End.


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