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I guess it's time to ... admit I exist still. It's been ... three months. That sounds about right. BUT A LOT OF NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

I guess I ... got an A in my writing class and a B in Japanese 102 and that's ... my life right now. ROAD TRIP IN LIKE FIVE DAYS WHOOOO. This is the most retarded entry ever IDK why I'm even posting. :C I just feel like I should write things here more often.

Oh, I know. I might ... make an icon post someday soon. I've made a lot. Andddd I'm looking for TV show recommendations because Glee can't sustain my life for the summer. Oh, and I think I'm going to transition to ... partially friends only. Because I'm lazy and I have a lot of people who aren't added who I want to ... send shit to. And ... people who are as lazy as me and don't like to log out of RP journals.

So basically unless I'm being Regina George (read: once in a blue moon when I'm not being Regina George) I'll make my entries public? That sounds like an awesome plan.

I sound high as shit in this whole entry but I'm not deleting it.

but basically this entry is mostly to say ... HI GUYS, HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?
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